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Elizbeth Chisholm

  CEO - Founder


Elizabeth Chisholm, a recent graduate from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a minor in Journalism. Throughout her college years, she juggled 2-3 jobs while attending school full-time.  Her strong work ethic, determination to succeed, and an optimistic attitude are key factors that play a major part in her daily life.


“Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, I always knew that I wanted to explore living in bigger cities. Prior to graduating, I spent a year trying to create a plan to move out of my hometown.  After many long nights of researching companies, submitting countless job applications and emailing recruiters, it seemed almost impossible for a company in Atlanta to hire someone who they had to relocate. But that didn’t stop me. “– CEO, Elizabeth Chisholm


A week before graduation, a close friend told Elizabeth about a Career Fair in Atlanta. Elizabeth printed out 30 resumes and stopped at every company booth to introduce herself. Two managers at Toshiba Business Solutions called her back for an interview and hired her on the spot! On January 15, 2016, she moved to Atlanta where she began to make a positive reputation in her career and around the big city by building strong relationships with everyone who crossed her path. As the youngest employee in her organization, she has been awarded Rookie of the Quarter and Employee of the month, while also ranking First Place in the South East region as a Sales Professional.


“One thing that helped me get acclimated to the city was attending networking events. I went to 3 or 4 events each week with my friend Rich and I was able to connect with truly amazing people. The unfortunate thing is that many networking events always put “millennial” in a separate category. It made it seem like there was this huge gap between “us” and the other generations; but in reality, there isn’t. There is value in people of all ages, gender, race and backgrounds collaborating and connecting. Most times, it is just one person that is able to open a door of opportunity for you. That is the centralization of Bridge The Gap Network” - CEO, Elizabeth Chisholm