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Our Vision

Vision Statement

Bridge The Gap Network in its essence is a vision.  An idea in its early stages that is focused on providing an answer to a very important void in our great city.  Inspired by a natural passion,  Elizabeth Allison is striving to provide a networking experience like no other.

Our vision is very simple.  We intend to bridge the gap between up and coming talent(our Millennials) with the experienced talent(Generation X and Baby Boomers) in our great city.  We also hope to provide all who are seeking career mentorship and career change an avenue to obtain an audience with the brightest of minds and experience available.

The art of networking takes on many forms…depending on the individuals participating and personality.   Our guiding principle will be to marry “talent and personality” with “need and objectives” to ensure all who participate meet their personal goals for our events.

In recognizing the many different goals that can accumulate in a room full of talent and need, we will use Analytics to guide our strategy on up coming events for all who are interested in making the most out of the networking experience.

The old proverb that states…”Sometimes its not just what you know…it’s who you know.” still rings very true in todays business genres.  It is imperative for any serious professional to grow his/her network.  Our intent is to provide a platform by which individuals can build a professional network that can fulfill desired needs, and introduce unimagined opportunities.

We hope that you will join us on our journey, and we are excited about the wonderful opportunity to connect with you very soon.


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